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Mooring winches

NDM offers a wide range of mooring winches with almost unlimited line pulls and speeds, and covers the complete range of winches for all types and sizes of vessels.

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NDM’s mooring winches have rugged design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation, but may also be remotely operated by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable.

The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections. Mooring winches can be supplied with a pulling capacity from 5 to 40 tons and are available in single or double drum configuration, also split drums.

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  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single or multi drum configuration
  • Type of drum: rope drum
  • With or without warping end
  • Rated pull; 5-40 tons
  • Manually operated clutch.
  • Manually operated band brake
  • Local and/or remote control


  • Auto tension/tensioning control
  • Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Hydraulic operated clutch
  • Light line speed
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